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5-7/8in. X 3-9/16in. (15 X 9cm) Protoboard, Double Sided

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Item Number: 32012 PB
Unit Price: $5.95
1+ $2.95 each
Availability: In Stock Units: 307
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Detailed Description:
Double Sided
.062" FR-4 board
.1" pad spacing
Plated copper pads
General purpose prototyping board. 54 X 33 grid pattern with 1728 total Plated through holes. 30 double sided .1"" pitch finger pads on both ends. For multiple ICs with room for discrete components.
L: 5-7/8" (15cm) W: 3-9/16" (9cm) WT: .08
0.40in. ID Ferrite Clamshell EMI Filter
17842 FL...$2.49
Rework Station, Hot Air for SMD Replacement
16121 TL...$99.95
Solder Station with LED Display, ZD-929C
15845 TL...$48.95

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