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Desolder Station 19034 TL, Replacement Cleaning Tool 0.7mm
Item Number: 17212 TL
Unit Price: $1.29
Availability: In Stock Units: 76
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Detailed Description:
Replacement 0.7mm dia. cleaning tool for 19034-TL Solder Station gun handle 0.8mm Tip (17206-TL)
WT: .007
Desolder Station 19034 TL, Replacement Nozzle 0.8mm
17206 TL...$2.95
Desolder Station 19034 TL, Replacement Nozzle 1.3mm
17207 TL...$2.95
Desolder Station 19034 TL, Replacement Gun Handle
17208 TL...$19.95
Rework Station, Hot Air for SMD Replacement
16121 TL...$99.95
0.40in. ID Ferrite Clamshell EMI Filter
17842 FL...$2.49

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